Gary Zukav

Year of birth : 1942
Education : Harvard University, Sonoma State College
Website :


“ A responsible choice is a choice that creates consequences 

that you are willing to assume responsibility for. ”

“ We cannot control what emotions or

circumstances we will experience next, but we can

choose how we will respond to them. ”

If you want to have the kind of relationship that your heart yearns for, you have to create it. You can't depend on somebody else creating it for you.” 

Books by the Master

" The dancing Wu-Li Masters " ... " The Seat of the Soul " ... " The Heart of the Soul " ... " Soul to Soul " ... " Soul Stories " ... " Thoughts From the Seat of the Soul " ... " Soul to Soul Meditations: Daily Reflections for  Spiritual Growth "  ... " Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power " ... " The Mind of the Soul: Responsible Choice " ... " Thoughts from the Heart of the Soul: Meditations on Emotional Awareness " ... " Self-Empowerment Journal: A Companion to The Mind of the Soul: Responsible Choice " ... " Rediscovering the Soul of Business: a Renaissance of Values  "


Gary Zukav is an American spiritual teacher and author of four consecutive New York Times bestsellers. Beginning in 1998, he appeared more than 30 times on The Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss transformation in human consciousness concepts presented in The Seat of the Soul. His first book The Dancing Wu Li Masters (1979) won a U.S. National Book Award.

He recounts a period in his life as an emotionally volatile time of sexual addiction, motorcycles, anger and experimentation with drugs until 1975 when an unexpected introduction to quantum physics at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory initiated changes in his experience that led to his first book, Dancing Wu Li Masters. He later described this book as his "first gift to Life". In 1987 he moved to Mount Shasta, California, where he lived in a cabin as a self-described "secular monk" and spent extensive time in the surrounding wilderness. In 1993 he met Linda Francis. They co-founded the Seat of the Soul Institute in 1998 and moved to Ashland, Oregon, in 2000. Zukav’s next book, The Seat of the Soul, published in 1989, was a #1 New York Times Best Seller for 31 weeks and remained on the list for three years.

In 1998 Zukav began an on-going conversation with Oprah Winfrey, appearing on her television show 35 times - more than any other guest. Oprah, who keeps a copy of The Seat of the Soul at her bedside, proclaimed: “The Seat of the Soul” is my favorite book of all time, except for the Bible.” 

In 1999 Zukav and Linda Francis co-founded The Seat of the Soul Institute. Its mission is to assist people across the world to create meaning and purpose, creativity and health, joy and love. It offers programs and tools to develop emotional awareness, responsible choice, intuition, trust and spiritual partnerships. Events and programs include an annual five-day intensive Journey to the Soul immersion retreat and co-sponsored lectures and workshops.