Tara Bennett Goleman

Education : M.A


“ If ten different people confront the same difficulty, you'll see ten different responses. How we react to any given situation depends on our outlook, our attitudes and assumptions, and our emotional habits -- our modes. ” 

 “ When it comes to our mind, we can either try to control and force it where we want it to go -- or we can join up with our natural awareness, acknowledging and discerning these unseen forces of habit and choosing wisely with understanding, rather than perpetuating these habitual modes of being. ”

“ I sometimes see the world as one big dysfunctional family. At the collective level we can see the Us and Them dynamic at work -- unless we make the choice to join at the heart and emphasize the ways we are connected rather than the ways we are separate, revealing the natural principle of interconnectedness.”

Books by the Master

" Mind Whispering: A New Map to Freedom from Self-Defeating Emotional Habits " ... " Emotional Alchemy: How Your Mind Can Heal Your Heart "


Tara Bennett Goleman, M.A., is a teacher, author, and psychotherapist. Tara’s book Emotional Alchemy: How the Mind Can Heal the Heart (Harmony Books, 2001) was a New York Times best-seller and has been translated into 25 languages. Her new book Mind Whispering, on sale April 23, navigates a new path to freedom from self-defeating emotional habits. This ground-breaking map of the emotional mind helps us transform our emotions, improve our relationships, and connect us to our inner wisdom. 

Tara Bennett Goleman combines principles and practices from horse whispering with mindfulness and Buddhist psychology, the neuroscience of habit change, and cognitive therapy. This gentle path of awakening offers a new lens on re-patterning our emotional habits and everyday ways of being. Mind Whispering and Emotional Alchemy integrate insights from mindful awareness training with those from her post-graduate studies with Jeffrey Young in Schema Therapy, a branch of cognitive therapy.

Tara continues to offer workshops internationally based on Emotional Alchemy and Mind Whispering, and has given training seminars in this educational/therapeutic approach to mental health professionals for the New England Educational Institute’s Cape Cod Seminars, Cambridge Hospital at Harvard Medical School, and the Santa Barbara Family Therapy Institute. She also focuses on multi-cultural and inter-disciplinary fusions, integrating awareness training with the arts, social action, and psychology. Tara sees inter-cultural fusion as a way to inspire appreciation and respect for ethnic diversity through an expression of the unique flavor of different cultural traditions. Her interest in fusion – in the arts, psychology, meditation, and social action continues to the present.