Esperide Ananas

Education : M.A

Books by the Master

" The Traveler's Guide to Damanhur: The Amazing Northern Italian Eco-Society Paperback by Esperide Ananas " ... " Spirals of Energy the Ancient Art of Selfica "


Esperide Ananas, M.A., lecturer, writer and teacher, has been living in Damanhur for twenty years. She travels the world as a representative of Damanhur and leads seminars based on Damanhur’s Way of the Oracle, past lives research; as well as on spiritual research and social innovation. A Spiritual Healer from Damahur’s School since 1993, in 1996 she received a second activation for energy rejuvenation and beauty.

She is the author of The Temples of Humankind, The Traveler’s Guide to Damanhur (available in English and Chinese), a co-author of a sci-fi comic book Checkmates To Time, inspired by the story of Falco—founder of Damanhur, and the Temples (available in Italian and English). Her most recent work isSpirals of Energy: The Ancient Art of Selfica—the first book on the spiritual technology of Selfica, a galactic and Atlantean Technology as researched by Damanhur. Trained in conflict resolution and inter-gender communication dynamics she also works as a consultant on creativity and innovation for several international organizations.