Noel Radcliffe

Education : Doctor of medicine from the University of Wisconsin Medical School at Madison
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Noël Radcliffe M.D. is a pioneer in bringing consciousness and healing to mainstream clinical practice. A founding partner of Edina Sports Health & Wellness, one of the first privately owned clinics in the Minneapolis area to utilize a healing design. Here she promotes an integral approach to healing chronic illness and optimal personal wellness. A diplomat of the American Board of Holistic Medicine, Associate professor at University of Minnesota, and a certified Qigong instructor, she divides her time between clinical practice, and the promotion of a more holistic approach to health through her writings and consultations. Her goal is to broaden our understanding of how we heal on many levels and thereby awaken our natural healing abilities.

Noël Radcliffe "Transformational Healing" consultations are empowering people to make healthy choices and develop an understanding of their own personal power in healing. It is healing on all levels; physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual. It is enlightenment.  It is oneness consciousness. It is perfect balance of our body mind and spirit. Transformational healing is nothing short of a miracle, yet it is something everyone can do. This is something you do for yourself. It cannot be done for you or to you.  Your journey is as unique as you are, but we can learn from each other along the way.

She is the owner of Wisdom Tree Enterprises, through which she does consulting on integrative healthcare, facilitates healing retreats, and pursues her writing. She is involved in bringing awareness to all life stages and challenges from re-imagining aging, living well with cancer, holistic parenting, empowering women, and healing chronic illness. Her passion is to understand the important links between increasing conscious awareness and improved levels of health and healing. Always the innovator, she continues to pursue new levels of understanding of the ultimate potential in mind body healing.