Bennie Lebeau

Education : Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff
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“ All nations and cultures have been praying for some sort of miracle that will give hope to humanity. The miracle will be what we make it by setting it into motion using our thoughts to heal the elements and praying for our intentions of a pristine, healthy nature and by the combination of these thoughts and actions with sacred sounds and vibrations, it will become so. ”

“ The time is now to fulfill our hearts desires, bringing forth our unique piece of the puzzle by utilizing our spiritual gifts of awareness in the ceremonies.  ”

“ The messages we receive when meditating and during the ceremonies are the instructions about what needs to be healed in the environment through our prayers in the Medicine Wheel Ceremonies.. ”


Bennie LeBeau, known as BlueThunder, is a younger tribal elder of the Eastern Shoshone Nation, located on the Wind River Indian Reservation, in Ft. Washakie, Wyoming. Blue Thunder has had many years of hands-on experience in indigenous traditions and culture with the Eastern Shoshone Tribe, and has been welcomed and taught by elders in many different tribes in South and Central America. As a youth he was encouraged by his Shoshone elders to study Cultural Anthropology and Applied Indigenous Studies at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ. After college, BlueThunder was pulled by Spirit to begin studying firsthand the ancient messages known as the "original instructions" engraved on large stones around the country. For several years he traveled around the nation, locating the stones, some of which were half-buried at long forgotten sacred sites. He meditated intensively on the petroglyphs, opening himself to the stones' messages and the knowledge of the ancient elders who carved them.

BlueThunder's interpretation of these sacred sites and the petroglyph "texts" is sublime and multi-dimensional—his messages learned from both Dream Time and the many sharings of Elders of the Shoshone and other Indigenous Nations. Through the Medicine Wheel and other ceremonies, BlueThunder is bringing critical public awareness to these rock art sites as the original "Gardens of Eden"—places of tremendous power and harmony that strengthen and positively influence the surrounding countryside and all creatures within it. 

Rapidly disappearing around the world due to uncontrolled land development, it is BlueThunders'a hope that these sites will be preserved and their wisdom re-taught to other traditions and cultures of the world. Today he shares his knowledge and understanding of what needs to change in our world in order to come into alignment with nature's laws. As a member of the Spiritual Elders of Mother Earth, a group of indigenous prophetic seed carriers of North America,, he helps educate Indigenous Nations and other cultures on the significance of sacred sites, their teachings, and the indigenous prophecies about the coming transition from the lower Fourth World vibrations into the higher dimensional Fifth World of existence long predicted by the Hopi, the Maya and almost all other cultures around the globe.

His intent is to show that only by our living in harmony with natural law can Mother Earth stay balanced and healthy, and her ley lines "in tune," providing not only the land, but us, the electrical energy to support our life force. He hopes that by making this information available to all people of all nations that we can come together to re-harmonize the ley lines with sacred tones and vibrations, holding ceremony with awareness and intent, that the environment can be healed and our own hearts and lives made whole. Not only do medicine people [shamans, priests, priestesses, knowledgeable men/women] find important ceremonial explanations in ancient rock art, these images also explain events that happened in the past, and describe events that can happen in the present or are about to happen in the future. These sacred sites help us re-member ancient healing ceremonies on Mother Earth and from the universe to heal 'all things' that have happened through the ages.