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“ Have fun! Life can often be daunting, overwhelming, and even a bit confusing at times, so it is extremely important for me to remember to have fun and to make our conversations and products fun for you, as well. To add to the fun, I always try to throw a bit of empowering chatter lessons in, too. ”

“ Be honest. This is as much an ego-free zone  as humanly

possible–I am here to help and serve you, even if that

means referring you to someone else. It’s about you, Goddess! ”

“ Love conquers and motivates all. If an act  isn’t done with

a loving heart, it simply isn’t worth doing. So help me

spread the love. ”

Books by the Master

" Have You Ever Wondered about Angels? "


Chris has been intuitive and sensitive for as long as she can remember with a deep yearning to serve others and help them within their lives. In fact during a session with the guidance counselor, she blurted out she wanted to be a psychologist. Now this may not sound note worthy, but it was an inspired comment as the angels came through her to speak the loving truth as this was not part of the family dynamics or her universe. Fast forward four years; her high school guidance counselor at that time told her she would be a great court reporter. Chris succumbed and listened to the outside influence instead the influence of her heart. Bummer. Off to training she went. Got employed as administrative assistant, met her love, got married and their family exploded within one year. During the early years as a wife and mother, there were times when she was completely oblivious to her gifts and blessings, but the angels knew when she was ready.

They re-entered her life and the chatterings haven’t stopped since. Chris was guided to read about angels, intuition, the Law of Attraction, as well many many inspirational books. She also became a Certified Soul Coach, Archangel Enlightenment Therapist and a Licensed Crystal Therapist, in addition she became trained in many healing modalities. The blending of all of these flowed smoothly together creating a sense of peace, empowerment and much joy that emanated from within and propelled her further along her path of choice.

As a Certified Archangel Enlightenment Therapist, Chris Alexandria is best known for helping women rediscover and find their strength. As the CEO of Angel Chatter,Chris has helped hundreds of men and women live life on their own terms through angelic insight. Chris’ vision for her company has been to empower others, help them cultivate their strengths and inspire solutions for a better, more happier life. One day when the angels came to “chat” to her, Chris received a vision for a line of jewelry and is able to infuse each of her creations with angelic energies, bringing empowering properties to each wearer. This ensures that each of her pieces uplifts, and energizes the recipient so they feel worthy to live the life they’ve always desired. Since establishing her firm in 2010, her clients and success have spanned the globe. Her award winning book, Archangel cards as well as her jewelry line, have been featured in numerous magazines, blogs and live events. Each piece of Jewelry Chris creates comes from a pure source of love through the assistance of the angels. Her goal is to offer the recipient the opportunity to see their highest self and to openly accept all the joy, health, abundance and love that is available to all of us.