Keiko Anaguchi

Education : International Relations in Hagoromo Gakuen and University of Oregon
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" It is our nature to be rich/abundant. Access your souls essence to be abundant. "

" The time has come for you to know that you are here to complete your divine plan. "

" Live your life from the inside out. "


Keiko is dedicated to sharing her vision of the future on this planet, and in helping others experience happiness, Joy and Peace by implementing Spirituality into Realities to experience limitless manifestation of possible realities. Keiko Anaguchi, founder and Director of Dynavision Corp. and Dolphin Star Temple Japan, is a well-known spiritual counselor, healer, teacher, author, and a public speaker in Japan. She is recognized as a person who can manifest a spiritual message in a realistic form.

She founded Dynavision Corp. in 1995 to serve humanity to awaken to its highest potential. The company offers many self-help training programs in Japan, and brings authors from the U.S, England, and South America to present. Her company now has metaphysical stores in Tokyo, Okinawa, and Mount Shasta in California. The company publishes a free spiritual magazine called “Cosmic Vision Quest” Cosmic Vision Quest that reaches over 10,000 readers.

She also facilitates workshops that combines Eastern, Western, and Multidimensional Aspects of Spirituality and Reality “Uniting Spirituality and Reality in your Daily life.” Over the past 30 years, she has implemented various spiritual practices into her life which lead to her current success and happiness. Over the past 15 years she has trained 5,000 people to be spiritual counselors. She has served over 10,000 clients in the past 10 years. She has found that there are 8 elements that affect our spiritual and our Real life to unify. Her mission is to share these 8 elements with you to bring the ultimate love, joy, peace in each of our hearts for the new earth.

Keiko has been trained as a Buddhist and Shinto Shamanism. She connects and channels the Goddess Amaterasu, Kuan Yin, Sanato Kumara, Buddha, and Masters of Mt. Fuji and Rainbow Dragons.

Keiko has inherited the teachings of the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School System (DSTM) Pleiadian Lightwork from Amorah Quanyin, founder of DSTM. Amora’s teachings has been an integral part to Keiko’s life and her own teachings of “living in the ultimate LOVE and TRUTH.”