Rama Jyoti Vernon

Teacher/Guru : BKS Iyengar
Website : http://www.rama.yoga/blog


" Love is the greatest power in the Universe, its the greatest healer and it transcends all the boundaries and all borders we have created with our own self-limitations. " 

Books by the Master

" Yoga: The Practice of Myth and Sacred Geometry "


Rama Jyoti Vernon, a yoga practitioner since the age of 15 and a teacher for over five decades, is known as one of America's yoga pioneers. After gaining a deep understanding of the yoga philosophy, and practising meditation and breathing techniques for years, she learned the asanas. Since then, Vernon has taught locally and internationally. Her continuous work, deep knowledge and wisdom of the practice has led her to impact many souls all over the world. She has acclaimed yoga instructor and peace mediator holds deep wisdom that has influenced the foundation of yoga in the US.

Rama Jyoti Vernon, internationally acclaimed yoga instructor and peace mediator, holds a deep knowledge of all aspects of yoga that has been instrumental to the foundation of contemporary yoga in the United States. During the 1960s-70s, she sponsored the migration of many great swamis and gurus from India to California and around the country. Her unique approach to teaching yoga has evolved from years of study in India and the United States with Masters such as BKS Iyengar, TKV Desikachar, Indra Devi, Sant Keshavadas and many others. Rama has led peace missions around the world, and initiated efforts that facilitated the end of the Cold War by travelling to the Soviet Union with American citizen diplomats. 

Vernon is a bold leader and a peace activist who has dedicated her lifework to extracting the principles and philosophies of yoga and applying them to real life situations. She empowers people and communities through yoga and works on having a positive social impact. She possesses a diplomatic approach and she isn’t afraid of the unknown and feels obligated to share her knowledge with the world. Her goal has always been to bring yoga to those who need it the most. Vernon has done work overseas in places such as the Soviet Union, where she has organized over 200 Soviet-American Citizens’ Summits and has traveled to The West Bank where she has led conferences and participated in events that promote peace and aim to establish stronger international relations through dialogue. (“Nearly ten thousand Soviets and Americans have participated in CIP sponsored programs which have produced over 700 joint projects which helped catalyze policy changes between the US and USSR.”- website) Vernon is also one of the founders of the Yoga Journal.