Dr. Nipa Das

Education : Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology (ITEC), Joint Honours Degree in Mathematics and Physics


Dr. Nipa Das comes from a science background. After graduating with Joint Honours Degree in Mathematics and Physics from King’s College, University of London, Nipapursued a career in Operational Research followed by an international career in teaching (UK, India, Belgium). Nipa’s teaching career spans several decades and continents. Alongside teaching Mathematics in International Schools and Universities in Brussels, Antwerp, Mumbai and UK. Nipa has also ran workshops on Teaching related topics for Teachers in ELMLE and NESA Conferences in Cairo, Kuala Lumpur. Amsterdam, Delhi, and UK. Nipa has also ran workshops on Yoga, Stress Management and Kinesiology for both adults and students alike.

Thereafter, from a teaching perspective, Nipa has continued to remain interested and involved in Education, having presented at workshops internationally, from Cairo to Kuala Lumpur, including many countries of Europe. Along the way, Nipa developed an interest in alternative therapies and complimentary medicine in the early 90s and is currently an experienced and recognized international therapist, specializing in a range of therapies suitable for her clients.

Her skills and qualifications include Yoga, Reiki/Seichem (Recognised Master/Teacher, GPP), Health Kinesiology (KFRP), SCENAR. Alongside these skills, Nipa has also maintained an interest in the more ‘scientific’ and traditional healing skills, having gained a diploma in Anatomy and Physiology (ITEC).

Nipa has been awarded a Doctoral Degree in alternative Medicine in 2008. Some of her specialized areas are QXCI-SCIO, SCENAR, SCALAR WAVE COLD LASER. These are cutting edge technologies in Energy Medicine. These are based on Quantum Physics and work on all the levels including Physical-Mental and Spiritual. Nipa has been a key player in introducing recent techniques such as Brain Gym and other Emotional freedom techniques to her clients and students alike.

Having developed such comprehensive qualifications, knowledge and experience in holistic health practices as well as stress management, Nipa’s career is now focused on delivering bespoke stress management programmes, both for individuals and corporate clients. Nipa offers highly customized Stress Management programs that can be tailored to suit the exact needs of the individuals and organizations in terms of duration, skill-sets, techniques and product technologies. 

In the past, British Trade Mission had invited Nipa few times to visit Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi for exchange of views with like minded people in this field.At present she is working with Mind Track and continuing her Stress Management programmes. Nipa is dividing her time between Delhi (India) and Surrey (England) running her clinic in Alternative Therapies, Teaching and conducting Stress Management Workshops.

Currently her Healing and Teaching in Energy Medicine has taken a Quantum leap which she enjoys thoroughly. Use of Cosmodic, Scio, Quantum Life, Lasers along with Kinesiology-Muscle Technique are the focus of her work. It includes Distance Healing techniques.