Judy Satori

Education : Diploma of Natural Healing Sciences, Physiotherapy
Website : www.thesoundoflight.com


“ It is time to reconnect to our true power and purpose and to activate our inherent potential, so that by coming together once more in unity and in love we may guide the people of Earth… ”

“ Re-activate the forgotten power and knowledge within you, and prepare yourself for life in a physical body of greater light on a fifth dimensional Earth. ” 

“ Each incarnated soul is an infinite Creator and that we are all created in the image of God. Our home is far away among the stars. ”

Books by the Master

" Sunshine Before the Dawn "


Judy Satori is an energy healer, spiritual channel and teacher who has committed her life to assisting people through the Earth's ascension changes to the Fifth Dimension. She studied energy healing, working in the human energy field while studying for a Diploma in Natural Healing Sciences. She is a qualified physiotherapist with a good knowledge of anatomy and physiology.  She transmits very fast frequencies of sound and light as a rapid energy 'light language' directly into the energy fields, cells and DNA template of the body. This energy clears karmic miasmic patterning, recalibrates the energy field and acts as a type of educational reprogramming for the soul so that we too may ascend along with the Earth. She has been taught how to do this work by Spirit and has been working as an energy healer and spiritual teacher for the past 14 years. She has a library of free energy activations and information to help people energetically recalibrate and become more empowered featured on her website.

Life changed for Judy one day in March 1997 when she attended a 'Learn to Channel' workshop in Auckland, New Zealand where she lived for many years. That day when audience had to meet their guides in meditation she met a being of light who told her his name was Balthazar, one of the three Wise Men or Magi, who followed the star in the East to Bethlehem. She shook violently with the energy every time Balthazar's energy meshed with hers. From the time she began to work with Balthazar she has connected with spirit every day of her life. After a year with Balthazar Judy was 'stepped up' and began working with Ascended Masters such as St. Germain, Djwahl Khul and Kuan Yin; Lords Melchizadek, Archangels Michael, Metatron and Vywamus and others of the spiritual hierarchy.

In 1999 she began conducting workshops and practicing as an energy healer. In 2002 her guides, by now predominantly the Elohim, told her that they wanted to advance the work and sent her to Bali. Judy began to understand that in the third dimension our DNA, the human genome, is limited. What would occur when this current 26,000 year cycle ended, when the Earth completed a great arc of precession and aligned with the Galactic Center, was a shift of the Earth into a new, upgraded, fifth dimensional energy pattern and vibration. She was told that it was actually four great ages, each of almost 26,000 years that would be coming to an end. It was explained that the Earth was once a fifth dimensional planet called Tara and had only fallen in consciousness and vibration because of the effects of an angelic rebellion in the lower heavens.

Judy has worked with all the Christed Star races in many workshops and events in many countries over the past ten years. Now the true purpose of all this preparation has been made apparent to her. She says it is the recreation, re-synthesis, re-genesis energy and information of the DNA recoding of the Full Moon Transmissions that is the focus on her current work. She has been asked to make this energy from the Elohim freely available to all the people, so that we can be prepared for Earth changes ahead, through 2012. It is now part of her path and mission, as we prepare for the dawning of a New Day on Earth to have the energy words of recreation, of God, of the Elohim spread out like the rays of the sun to people everywhere.