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" Light On Death: The Spiritual Art of dying ''


Phillip Jones, MA, LMHC, is an Author, Holistic Psychotherapist, a seasoned Spiritual Counselor, and rites of passage facilitator. He was once a military officer who took up a promising career in systems engineering at a nuclear submarine base, until he had a powerful spiritual awakening that lead him to live a transformed life as a renounced Hindu monk for 17 years, meeting and studying with teachers of the world’s great religious traditions, and organizing interfaith conferences with these teachers.

Phillip began an intensive study of Carl Jung’s teachings in 1993, and has worked to integrate these teachings with the principles of indigenous medicine wheels. Phillip’sLife Wheel Model is designed to help one find his/her purpose and relationship to family, community, and the world.

Phillip is nearing completion of a new book entitled The Four Seeds of Greatness which incorporates essential teachings of the Life Wheel Model. Phillip is also on the team of ‘RAMA, Ambassador for the Endangered Ones,’ a leading edge international touring exhibition bringing together art and ecology to create global awareness of endangered species, and action to preserve biodiversity, the variety of life on Earth.

Phillip is an award-winning author (Light on Death: The Spiritual Art of Dying, 2007), Phillip serves as the senior Spiritual Counselor for Hospice of Hilo. He and his wife Rev. Ana Jones are co-owners of Questing Spirit, LLC which operates The Studio ~ Center for Holistic Arts in Honokaa, Hawaii and Questing Spirit Retreats.  He is a leader of retreats large and small to sacred sites around the world.  Phillip and Ana’s next retreat will be a Sacred Tour of France in June of 2012.

His work with people of all ages in successfully navigating birth to death rites of passage has led him to develop a Four Stages of Life Model (based on the ancient Varnasrama system of India) which helps to balance the physical, social, psychological and spiritual tasks of each stage.