James Jereb

Education : phD
Website : http://www.stardreaming.org/

Books by the Master

" Alchemy of the Stone: Journey of a Visionary Artist and Alchemist " ... " Arts and Crafts of Morocco "


James F. Jereb, PhD, is a self-taught, visionary artist who works in paint, print and stone and is the creator of Stardreaming, Temples of the Cosmos, a 22-acre sacred stone temple labyrinth complex for the new millennium located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

James F. Jereb believes his paintings, writings and architectural structures reflect the viewer's own spiritual worlds of wonder and magic back at them. His creations serve to raise consciousness so that we can recognize the divine within and create a better world for us all. Many of his images are sacred archetypes of various religions and mythologies based on personal visions and inner quests. 

In early 1996, he had experienced an extraordinary awakening and had began accessing guidance from various Shining Ones, or Masters, from the higher realms of consciousness. Guidance from Spirit was clear, compassionate and simple: He was to surrender to the Creative Source, paint on large canvas, open stargates and build temples which become the foundation of his work and his life. James ventured into external and internal unknown, embracing the often terrifying process that would transform him and guide him to be a visionary artist creating in Paint, Print and Stone. The more he surrendered, the more the miracles occurred.