Year of birth : 1993
Parents : Kaya and Christiane Muller
Education : Completely home schooled(Interpret Dreams, Signs & Symbols) along with regular school program as correspondence
Website : http://www.ucm.ca/en/authors/kasara


Kasara, influencing a whole generation through her books and her Meditation CDs, has become an exceptional role model, representing a new way of living on Earth, learning to be guided by the Symbolic Language of Dreams & Signs. She radiates and shares her wisdom and vision of the world in Lectures, Seminars and Workshops to adults and to children. Through the examples she presents with such gifted speaking, she leads us to reflect on the multi-dimensions of life, and helps us realize that life can be analyzed like a dream, that the profound meaning of our evolution is to develop qualities and become a better soul in our daily life. She also helps us understand that everything that bothers or annoys us is actually a source of deep teaching about ourselves.

Kasara helps everyone realize that our goal, everyone’s goal, is to become an angel, that the reason we all live is to integrate the highest levels of love and wisdom.

As a child, Kasara evolved in a spiritual and artistic environment, which led her to live and travel with her parents in many countries throughout the world. From a very young age, her deep receptivity, her compassion for people, and her natural love for the sciences of the soul, has always astonished all those who meet her.

This young Spiritual Master was almost entirely home schooled, following the regular school program by correspondence. With the inspiration and love of her father Kaya, Spiritual Master, Writer and Editor of UCM School & Foundation and her angel mother Christiane Muller, Spiritual Master, Author and Lecturer, throughout their numerous travels, alongside studying Mathematics, French, English, Mandarin, etc., Kasara also learned how to interpret Dreams, Signs & Symbols, as well as meditation, and mantra recitation with the Names of the 72 Angels.