Jeff Foster

Year of birth : 1980
Education : Astrophysics at Cambridge University
Website :


"Nothing can make you happy – and that is the reason for joy." 

 Suffering is the birth pains of freedom. "

" This moment is not life waiting to happen, goals waiting to be achieved, words waiting to be spoken, connections waiting to be made, regrets waiting to evaporate, aliveness waiting to be felt, enlightenment waiting to be gained. No. Nothing is waiting. This is it. This moment is life."

Books by the Master

"  Falling in Love with Where You Are" ... "The Deepest Acceptance: Radical Awakening in Ordinary Life " ... "An Extraordinary Absence: Liberation in the Midst of a Very Ordinary Life" ... "
The Wonder of Being: Awakening to an Intimacy Beyond Words" ... "
Beyond Awakening: The End of the Spiritual Search" ... "Life Without a Centre: Awakening from the Dream of Separation" ... "The Revelation of Oneness: Dialogues on Nonduality and Spiritual Awakening"


Jeff Foster studied Astrophysics at Cambridge University. In his mid-twenties, after a long period of depression and illness, he became addicted to the idea of ‘spiritual enlightenment’ and embarked on an intensive spiritual quest for the ultimate truth of existence.

The spiritual search came crashing down with the clear recognition of the non-dual nature of everything, and the discovery of the extraordinary in the ordinary. In the clarity of this seeing, life became what it always was: intimate, open, loving and spontaneous, and Jeff was left with a deep understanding of the root illusion behind all human suffering, and a love of the present moment.

Jeff presently holds meetings, retreats and private one-to-one sessions around the world, gently but directly pointing people back to the deep acceptance inherent in the present moment.

Jeff’s teaching is simple. He helps people discover who they really are, beyond all thoughts and judgements about themselves, even in the midst of the stress and struggle of modern day living and intimate relationships.
His style is direct and uncompromising and yet full of humanity, humour and compassion. He believes that freedom is everybody’s birthright. He belongs to no tradition or lineage, and makes his teaching accessible to all.