Year of birth : 1968
Website : www.kayadreams.com


“ If you don't like your life... Remember... You can always change it.. ”

“ Dreams are the greatest help we can receive to develop deep self knowledge. They represent the activation of our life plan. They are the memories of our past, the keys to our present... & the path to our future.. "

“ The spiritual goal of each of us is to become an Angel, to discover and develop the divine qualities and powers we all have within ourselves.. ” 

Books by the Master

"How to Read Signs: The Origin of Angels, Signs & Symbols " ... " The Book of Angels: Dreams, Signs, Meditation - the Hidden Secrets " ... " Angelica Yoga Introduction " ... " In the Land of Blue Skies " ... " Dictionary: Dreams-Signs-Symbols: The Source Code: The Ultimate Spiritual Guide to Dream Interpretation " ... " How to Interpret Dreams & Signs "


Kaya, the name the artist uses as an acclaimed spiritual writer, was born in Montreal, Quebec, in 1968 and given the name Francis Martin Lavergne. Kaya is a Canadian Spiritual Teacher, Author, and International Lecturer on Angels and the interpretation of dreams, signs & symbols in more than 43 countries throughout the world. 

Kaya walked away from fame and glory to pursue a deeper spiritual calling. Living as a hermit for many years, he delved into his dreams often sleeping for 20 hours a day and devoting himself to meditation, prayer and selfless service. His profound angelic encounters and dream work led to his emergence as a modern sage, as an international spiritual teacher presenting in more than 12 countries around the world. He's also a world-renowned dream interpreter that has spent over 18 years researching the topic. His books have been sold in over 43 countries. 

Kaya co-founded Universe/City Mikael (UCM) Publishing, non-profit-organization with his wife Christiane Muller to support his mission with over 450 volunteers worldwide that are devoted to sharing his inspiring works. Considered by many to be a modern Sage, KAYA now infuses his gifts as a performer and spiritual teacher to bring his transcendent message to the world, along with his wife Christiane.

He is also the president-editor of Universe/City Mikael (UCM) Publishing. His philanthropy, exemplary devotion, and humanitarian aid has become a source of inspiration for millions of people on the planet. His capacity to understand and explain how human conscience works through symbolic language is an extraordinary source of knowledge and understanding. An excellent pedagogue and lecturer, Kaya helps us understand our autonomy of conscience as well as our immense angelic potential. For him, an Angel is a symbol par excellence of a person who dreams. It is an ideal metaphor for all that a human being is called to become one day when he discovers his infinite potential, as well as the physical and metaphysical multi-dimensions of our human conscience.