Jose Stevens

Year of birth : 1960
Education : Doctoral dissertation at the California Institute of Integral Studies
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Books by the Master

" A Michael Handbook " ... " Tao to Earth " ... " Earth to Tao " ... " Transforming Your Dragons: How to Turn Fear Patterns into Personal Power " ... " Praying with Power: How to Use Ancient Shamanic Techniques to Gain Maximum Spiritual Benefit and Extraordinary Results Through Prayer " ... " Secrets of Shamanism: Tapping the Spirit Power Within You " ...  " The Game of Life " ...  " The Power Path: The Shaman's Way to Success in Business and Life " ...  " Awaken the Inner Shaman: A Guide to the Power Path of the Heart  " ... " Exploring The Shamanic Gifts Of Power Spots And Sacred Places: Working In Respectful Harmony With Mother Nature " ... " The Personality Puzzle " ... " Personessence™ System for understanding people ' ... " The Seven Archetypal Roles: Primary Way of Being " ... " The Nine Needs: Primary Requirements for Balance " ... " The Seven Centers: Primary Reaction Centers (Communication Styles)" ... " The Seven Goals and the Seven Modes: Primary Motivation and Primary Approach " ... " The Seven States of Perception: Primary Values " ... " The Seven Attitudes: Primary Perspective " ... " seven voices one song :Compatibility Between The 7 Roles "


José Luis Stevens Ph.D. is a team builder and business consultant. He completed a ten-year apprenticeship with a Huichol shaman in Mexico and studied extensively with shamans in the Peruvian Amazon jungle. He is based in New Mexico. He lectures nationally and internationally. Jose Stevens is the President and co-founder (with wife Lena Stevens) of The Power Path, an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and indigenous wisdom to business and everyday life.

José Stevens, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist with more than twenty years of experience. José completed a ten year apprenticeship with a Huichol Maracame (shaman) in the Sierras of Central Mexico. In addition he is studying intensively with Shipibo (shamans) in the Peruvian Amazon and with Pacos, (shamans) in the Andes in Peru. In 1983 he completed his doctoral dissertation at the California Institute of Integral Studies focusing on the interface between shamanism and western psychological counseling. Since then he has studied cross cultural shamanism around the world to distill the core elements of shamanic healing and practice. As an international lecturer and consultant he has worked with a huge range of individuals and businesses to help them discover their most effective path of service and success. He has had the good fortune to work with individuals at the highest levels of government and professional life to support their understanding of their own potential and that of their associates. As an integral part of this work Jose has helped to develop systems for understanding people that are unparalleled in the field of psychology and business. Jose is a licensed Clinical Social Worker, Life coach and master teacher with more than thirty five years of experience. In addition he is the author of ten books and numerous articles including "The Power Path", "Secrets of Shamanism", "Transforming Your Dragons" and "Praying with Power".