Year of birth : 1957
Website : www.jasmuheen.com


“ The complexities are endless for we are creative beings and the Matrix of Creation is vast. Every permutation of reality is available to us and none of what I have written is new. ” 

“ For those still struggling, there comes a time when help is magnetized to them if it is for their highest good. Sometimes we must struggle alone through these things in order to receive some inner strength or insight that can only be gained by living through every moment of it. ” 

“ Some say that it is time also now to focus on pathways of peace, on things that bind and unify us, a new operating system. ”

Books by the Master

" The Prana Program - Eliminating Global Health & Hunger Challenges " … " Harmonious Healing and the Immortal's Way " … " The Law of Love & Its Fabulous Frequency Of Freedom " … " The Food of Gods " … " In Resonance " … " Pranic Nourishment - Living on Light " … " Ambassadors of Light - World Health & World Hunger Project " … " Divine Radiance: On the Road With the Masters Of Magic " … " Four Body Fitness: Biofields & Bliss " … " Co-creating Paradise " … " The Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace Program " ... " Embassy Peace Personal Harmonization Program " ...   " Cosmic Colleagues - Ascended Master Messages " ... " BEing Essence " ... " Biofields & Bliss Trilogy " ...  " Meditation Magic " ...  " QUEEN OF THE MATRIX - Fiddlers of the Fields " ...  " The Bliss of Brazil & the Second Coming " ...  " Rhythms of Love - Travel Journal " ... " Breatharian Pathways - Memories & Motivations " ... " Pathways of Peace and Being Essence " ...  " KING OF HEARTS - The Field of Love (The Enchanted Kingdom Series) " ...  " Cosmic Wanderers - Homeward Bound " ...  " The Bliss Of Brazil & The Second Coming " ... " The Enchanted Kingdom Trilogy " ...  " Pathways of Peace Pragmatics - Insights & Poems " ... " Our Camelot : The Game of Divine Alcheny "


Jasmuheen developed her financial and business management skills, working full-time in the finance industry. From 1992, she began to combine her experience in business and finance with meditation, selling access to workshops and seminars on the topic and by deed poll, changed her conventional two-word name to the more exotic Jasmuheen. In 1998, she appeared in her first film, a six-part documentary called The Legend of Atlantis by Elia The Prophet.

Jasmuheen is quoted by the Correx Archives as saying, regarding how much she eats. "Generally not much at all. Maybe a few cups of tea and a glass of water, but now and then if I feel a bit bored and I want some flavor, then I will have a mouthful of whatever it is I want the flavor of. So it might be a piece of chocolate or it might be a mouthful of a cheesecake or something like that."

Jasmuheen has stated that she has lived on approximately 300 calories per day for the last fourteen years, maintaining full health through supplementing a fluid intake with "cosmic particles" or micro-food, which she describes as prana. She has stated that she has not yet mastered the ability to be fluid-free for more than short periods. She was awarded the Bent Spoon Award by Australian Skeptics in 2000. She was also awarded the 2000 Ig Nobel Prize for Literature for her book "Pranic Nourishment - Living on Light" which explains that although some people do eat food, they don't ever really need to.