Dannion Brinkley

Year of birth : 1950
Website : www.dannion.com


“ Humans are powerful spiritual beings meant to create good on the earth. This good isn't usually accomplished in bold actions, but in singular acts  of kindness between people. It's the little things that count, because they are more spontaneous and show who you truly are.” 

“ Who you are is the difference that God makes,"  said the Being. "And that difference is love. ”

Books by the Master

" Saved by the Light " ... " At Peace in the Light " ... " Secrets of the Light: The incredible true story of one man's near-death experiences and the lessons he received from the other side " ... " The Secrets of the Light: Spiritual Strategies to Empower Your Life... Here and in the Hereafter " ... " Ten Things to Know Before You Go " 


Dannion Brinkley (born July 20, 1950) is an American author who described two near death experiences (NDEs) in his 1994 book Saved by the Light. He is also a hospice volunteer, speaker, and prominent figure in the New Age and New Thought Movement. In Saved by the Light Brinkley explained that he was struck by lightning on September 17, 1975, while using a telephone at his home in Aiken, South Carolina. He said he was clinically dead for 28 minutes. During these 28 minutes Brinkley said he experienced many characteristic details of a near death experience as well as certain unique ones. His account includes an out-of-body experience with extensive observations of physical surroundings, passing through a tunnel, a high-speed and detailed life review and an encounter with beings who showed him visions of the future and discussed with him his life mission. Brinkley said he had a strong reluctance to return to his physical body, but he was sent back to fulfill a mission.

Brinkley said when he re-entered his body in the hospital he blew on the sheet that was covering his head. His friend noticed the moving sheet and said, "he's still alive!" By the end of September 1975 he was released from the hospital. Shortly after the event occurred Brinkley told his story to near-death researcher Raymond Moody. In the Introduction to Saved by the Light, Moody wrote Brinkley's near death experience stands as one of the most incredible he has ever heard. In May 1989 Brinkley had heart failure and went to the East Cooper Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina where he had a second near death experience. Brinkley said he had another life review and was taken by a being to a place with pleasant sounds and smells. Brinkley was released from the hospital in a few weeks.

Brinkley said he received visions of future events during his near death experience. At least one was reported to Raymond Moody within seven months, that there would be a breakdown of the Soviet Union in 1990 and subsequent food riots. Moody later said Brinkley's forecast struck him as "silly and absurd" at the time but later proved accurate. Brinkley claims the events surrounding his first near death experience left him with "special powers," namely, psychic and paranormal abilities. There is skepticism that psychic abilities exist.

Brinkley says that certain dates and places had to be camouflaged in order to protect the rights of those who chose to remain unknown, as well as to preserve the integrity of the United States of America. Brinkley is co-founder and Board Chairman of the Twilight Brigade (formerly called Compassion in Action), a non-profit international organization that supports bedside volunteers who provide companionship to those who are dying, especially veterans, during the last months of life.Brinkley's work with dying veterans and AIDS patients began in 1984 and he has logged many thousands of volunteer hospice hours. The Twilight Brigade now has offices in 16 states and over 5,000 volunteers, including a number of active duty military personnel and veterans. Brinkley is also the co-founder of Veterans Care Plus, a health care advocacy program for U.S. veterans and their families that provides access to low-cost prescription medications. This program has been selected by the Veterans of Foreign Wars for its members.