Parents : Bhanuraja, Suvrata Rani
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“ Be truthful in thought, word and deed. ”

“ Do not covet that which, does not belong to you. ”  

“ Keep your senses and passion under control. ”


Dharmanath was the fifteenth Jain Tirthankar of the present age (Avasarpini). According to Jain beliefs, he became a siddha, a liberated soul which has destroyed all of its karma. Dharmanath was born to King Bhanu Raja and Queen Suvrata Rani at Ratnapuri in the Ikshvaku clan. His birth date was the third day of the Magh Sukla month of the Indian calendar.

There were great rejoicing at his birth and when he became of age he ascended the throne of his father and ruled over his subjects with law and piety. All the time, however, his mind was fixed on the day when he would renounce the world and devote himself to the fulfillment of his mission as a Tirthankara. The day of the great renunciation came and Dharmanath, giving up every worldly possession and attachment, went to the nearest forest named Salvana, and took vows of the order. He practiced severest austerities, annihilated the karmic forces, attained kaivalya and became the Arhanta.  Then he proceeded on his tour of wandering, preaching to the suffering humanity and gospel of Ahimsa and showing it, not only by precept, but by actual example, the true path of salvation. Thus this great benefactor of all living being fully justified by his name. Dharmanath liked the Shramana thirthankars who went before him and those who came after him.

Hutheesing Jain Temple, located at Ahmedabad in Gujarat, constructed in 1848 AD, is dedicated to him.