Dr. Chet

Year of birth : 1940
Parents : Walt Snow and Ann (Bonine) Snow
Teacher/Guru : Mother Meera
Education : Ph.d from Columbia University and Sorbonne in Paris
Website : http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Snow-2128

Books by the Master

" Mass Dreams of the Future "


Chet Snow, Ph.D., is an internationally-acclaimed author, lecturer and regression therapist with degrees from Columbia University and the Sorbonne in Paris. His wife, Kallista Snow, from France, has studied yoga, reflexology, therapeutic massage and mediation. Having met initially in Paris in 1985, they were brought together as a couple in December 1991 by Mother Meera, their spiritual mentor, a master (Avatar) now living near Frankfurt. They have over a half-century of experience in working with transformational energies, using sound, crystals and reincarnation healing therapies to harmonize body, mind and spirit

In November 1989, Chet Snow authored Mass Dreams of the Future based on Helen Wambach’s pioneering concept of "future-life progressions". He has also authored a guided meditation audio cassette, Transformational Journeys, and two videos: Earth Shift, and Star Visions, a history of the crop circle enigma. In 1993 he helped Dr. Winafred Lucas with The Handbook of Regression Therapy, widely considered the most-serious textbook in the field. Dr. Chet has given over 750 past and future-life lectures and seminars in English, French and Spanish on three continents, including a lecture at the United Nations in 1994. He has also been featured on Sightings, the Art Bell Show and NBC’s Ancient Prophecies, as well as in several documentary films.

Dr. Chet Snow is former president of the Association for Past-Life Research & Therapies, a group of about 1,000 therapists world-wide. He also edits the annual Mass Dreams Newsletter, updating his future predictions. Since early 1998, Chet and Kallista have organized and hosted several international conferences in Sedona.