Jean Houston

Year of birth : 1937
Parents : Jack Houston, Mary Todaro Houston
Education : Union Institute & University, Barnard College


" As we encounter the archetypal world within us, a partnership is formed whereby we grow as do the gods and goddesses within us." 

Books by the Master

" Beloved "..." Godseed "..." Lifeforce "..." Mindgames "..." The Hero and the Goddess "..."  The Possible Human "..." Odyssey of the Soul "..." The Search for the Beloved: Journeys in Sacred Psychology "..." Listening to the Body (co-authored with Robert Masters) "..." The Varieties of Psychedelic Experience (co-authored with Robert Masters) "..." Psychedelic Art (co-authored with Robert Masters) "


Houston was born in New York City to Mary Todaro Houston who was of Sicilian descent, and Jack Houston who was related to Sam Houston of Texas. Her father was a comedy writer who developed material for stage, television and the movies. His work required him, and the family, to move frequently. 

Houston attended Barnard College in New York. She subsequently got a Ph.D. in psychology from the online Union Graduate School and a Ph.D. in Religion from the online Graduate Theological Foundation

While participating in a government sanctioned research project on the effects of LSD (before such research was banned), Houston became acquainted with Robert Masters, a writer and a researcher into the varieties of human behaviour and potentials. The two married in 1965 and soon became known for their work in the Human Potential Movement. They established The Foundation for Mind Research.

Mystery School is intellectually vigorous, psychologically challenging and spiritually demanding. It is celebrational and transformational. It is also frequently hilarious and zanily satiric. Mystery School is both experiential and experimental. She says "I weave together the things I love most: sacred psychology, music, history, theatre, cultural wisdom, science (fact, fiction and fantasy), neurophysiology, philosophy, anthropology, theology, poetry, laughter, cosmology, metaphysics and innovative ideas to provide a multi-faceted, multi-level Time out of time" . Mystery schools don't exist to discover the mysteries of life, but to encourage belief that life is a mystery. The only thing they transform is the mind, not by providing a better understanding of reality but by encouraging people to create their own reality.

In her books and lectures she frequently aligns herself with the Great Traditions. "In all the great traditions - Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Sufi, Jewish - it's all about waking up. Mystery School is essentially about the wake up call from Central and putting you not in attunement with it, but in alignment with it.