Bhagawan Shree Prasannaji

Books by the Master

" New Age Meditations...Life's Hidden Secrets  ( vol 1- 61) " ... " The Secret behind Meditation "


Bhagawan Shree Prasannaji has actively participated with the common man to awaken their potentials so as to create a purposeful living. His endeavors towards uplifting the common man has made him to work on different aspects of the society right from conducting regular meditations, retreats, lectures in colleges, satsangs, seminars, affiliations to orphanages, interviews in national television channels etc.

His relentless effort towards reaching the common man made him to start Guru Brahmashram in Rishikesh where the sublime truths of living happily through different forms of meditations taken from Zen, Taoism, Hinduism, Tantra, Buddhism & Zazen was imparted to the seekers of the western world. Bhagawanji started Nishane School of Spiritual Sciences & Bhagawan Shree Prasannaashrama in Bangalore feeling the need of creating more individuals to tread the path of spirituality.

Bhagawanji feels that Divinity cannot be sold. He is working continuously to impart the spiritual knowledge free for everyone. The seekers around him are also working relentlessly to spread the same. Bhagawanji started writing the books in 2011 and were published in the same year.

Then Bhagawanji started writing the book New Age Meditations where he has poured himself to his best. The hypnotic paranormal quotes as he calls Deva Vani (God’s Voice) is filling on… on a day to day basis. The new age meditations which have touched 6000 (and still going) proves the divinity in Bhagawanji(The Blessed One).