Rajyogini Dadi Janaki

Year of birth : 1916
Teacher/Guru : Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya founded by Prajapita Brahma (Brahma Kumaris)
Education : 3 years in formal education
Website : www.brahmakumaris.com


“ The one who has faith is always victorious. ”

“ To be free from the influence of the past is to have the ability to fly forward. ”

“ The power of positive thoughts enables others to be free from their worries. ” 

Books by the Master

" Is There Another Way?: Words of Wisdom from One of the World's Great Spiritual Leaders " ... " Pearls of Wisdom " ... " Wings of Soul: Releasing Your Spiritual Identity " ... " Companion of God " ... " 365 Days of Wisdom: Daily Messages To Inspire You Through the year " ... " Inside Out " ...  " A pocket book on Virtue " ... " DEAR FRIENDS -The Call of Our Time " ... " Feeling Great "


Janki has dedicated more than 70 years of her life to the work of the Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya (Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University) of which she is the Administrative Head. After serving throughout India in the years following independence, she moved to London, UK, in 1974 and from there her vision and drive saw the organisation’s teachings carried into more than 100 countries. She has been based back in India since August 2007, at the main headquarters in Mt. Abu, Rajasthan, following the passing away of Dadi Prakashmani, the former head. She's Internationally acknowledged as a great spiritual leader, Dadi’s lifelong focus has been to align her mind and heart to God’s will and purpose. She experiences God as a source of pure love and wisdom, and has made those qualities the foundation of her life. This spiritual strength enables her to be a beacon of light in the lives of others. 

Dadi is deeply and compassionately aware of the selfish tendencies that currently afflict human relationships and affairs, and that put our world in peril. However, she is a visionary, with an unswerving optimism. “In the winter, we foresee the spring”, she says. “Those with a positive vision of the future give us an image of a world on this planet where all things are given freely, where the highest human potential is fully realised.” That future world is guaranteed, in Dadi’s eyes, but to reach it, our consciousness has to change. Dadi is a pioneer of a modern form of the ancient art of Raja Yoga. Through this structured and disciplined method of spiritual development, she has shown thousands of people of all backgrounds and walks of life how to regain true self-respect, to become free of addictive and negative tendencies and thereby able to contribute more to present-day society as well as a future world. Her childhood memories include travelling around in her father’s horse and carriage to advocate the benefits of a vegetarian diet and sitting with the sick and elderly to help lift their spirits. She spent only three years in formal education and then went on many pilgrimages in her search for truth and the understanding of the Divine. 

Now in her nineties, Dadi still travels extensively, enabling leaders from the worlds of politics, religion, medicine, science, education and other fields, as well as individuals at every level of society, to absorb spiritual strength by renewing their own link with the divine.

Among her many honours, in 2004, Dadi was awarded the Grand Cordon of the first order of Al Istiklal (the Medal of Independence) by HM King Abdullah ll of Jordan in recognition of her humanitarian service to the world. Dadi has promoted inter-religious understanding and co-operation throughout her life.  She is a Patron of the World Congress of Faiths and a member of The World Council of Religious Leaders and The Global Peace Initiative of Women.