Betty Shine

Year of birth : 1929
Place of birth : Kennington, London


“ Never give up. Keep Trying. Life is full of

fascinating things for you to discover them. ”

 “ Challenge! That is the word that has inspired me

throughout my life. Why don't you take up the

challenge of helping to make this world a better place to live in? "

“ With the expansion of mind come health,

excitement and positivity and -very important-

independence and self-reliance. ”

Books by the Master

“ Mind Waves “ … “ My Life as a Medium “ … “ Free Spirit “ … “ Shine On “ …

“ Little Book of Cosmic Colour “ … “ Mind to Magic “ … “ The Infinite Mind “ … “ Clear Your Mind “ …

“ Mind Magic: The Key to the Universe “ … “ A Mind of Your Own: A Book for Life “ …

“ Mind Workbook  “ … “ Mind to Mind: The Secrets of Your Mind Energy Revealed “ …

“ MIND WAVES the Ultimate Energy That Could Change the World "


Betty Shine was an English author best known for her "Mind" series: "Mind to Mind", "Mind Magic" and "Mind Waves". She was also a singer, medium, and spiritual healer. She started her Global healing network, along with her daughter, Janet Shine.

Betty Shine was born in Kennington in 1929. Her grandmother was a spiritualist. Before she became a practicing healer she was a professional singer, and she has at times taught vitamin and mineral therapy, hand analysis and yoga. She is the author of Mind to Mind, Mind Magic, Mind Waves and Betty Shine's Mind Workbook, all published by Corgi.

Betty Shine wrote that she was guided by a spirit voice from the age of two onwards. She was not greatly interested in giving clairvoyant demonstrations, although she was in fact a medium and she often did clairvoyant medical diagnosis. Betty was a healing channel and a caring soul who believed in the power of mind and in the mind-energy that it contains.