Oberto Airaudi

Year of birth : 1950
Place of birth : Balangero
Parents : Dovilia
Website : www.damanhur.info


“ And the rule I gave myself was that I had to invent

at least one thing new every day and also read a

book everyday. For many years now that

has been my fixed rule. ”

Books by the Master

" The Book of Synchronicity: The Game of Divination " ... " Seven Scarlet Doors: Third Book of the Initiate " ... " Reborn to Live: Second Book of the Initiate " ... " Dying to Learn: First Book of the Initiate " ... " Tales From Damanhur " ... " Stories of an alchemist: The extraordinary childhood years of founder of Damanhur in 33 tales " ... " Bral Talej Divination Cards "


Oberto Airaudi was born in Balangero, near Turin, Italy in 1950. He was a philosopher, healer, writer, and painter. In 1975 he and a group of fellow friends and researchers founded the spiritual, human, and social experience of the Federation of Damanhur, for which he serves as the spiritual guide and the inspiration behind the construction of the Temples of Humankind. The path that he proposes "leads to the awakening of the inner teacher through study, research, experimentation and the complete expression of individual potential. 

Based on the tradition of Damanhurian citizens adopting animal names, Airaudi also goes by the name of "Falco." The story of Falco is the story of a man who believed so strongly in his dreams that he was able to involve many other people and make them dream as well. It is also the story of a man who has always forged ahead with his life.

It was not so much his friends who were frightened by this abilities but rather, sometimes, his parents. The anecdotes, told by him and by his mother, are unforgettable: his rides on a bicycle on which he had fixed two handcrafted little rockets, or how he sometimes ‘gave orders’ to the washing machine to chase his parents!

In 1967, Falco published his first book ‘Poems of my sixteen years’ (Poesie dei miei sedici anni), followed by ‘Chronicles of my suicide’ (Cronache del mio suicidio) in 1968.

In1969, he successfully applied to the Juvenile Court and was emancipated, becoming an adult, which should have normally occurred two years later. After being married the same year, his daughter, Valeria, and a year later his son, Adriano, were born. His third child, Laene, would arrive much later, in 2001, when he was about to become a grandfather.

With his insurance agency, Falco became the youngest broker in Italy, and in 1975, together with his friends, founded the Horus Centre in Turin. At only 25 years of age, he was already well known as a healer (pranatherapist), parapsychologist, medium, hypnotist, and was touring Italy participating in various conventions.

With his friends, who would have later become the founders of Damanhur, he shared what he felt was his mission: to create a spiritual society based on research and practical actions, in which men and women could experiment a new balance between human beings, divine forces and natural forces. This mission was the reason why he received such unusual powers, and a charisma that went well beyond his friendly and gentle demeanour.

His achievements, June 2013 when he passed away, are for all to see: Damanhur, the Federation with over twenty five nucleo communities, more than 600 citizens and an international reach with centres and supporters all over the world; about thirty original books translated into various languages; Selfica, a discipline which combines a physical form, usually made of copper, with the possibility to exchange vital energy; his visionary paintings, sold globally and exhibited also in Moscow, San Francisco and New York; and last but not least the Temples of Humankind, the extraordinary spiritual and artistic creation excavated by hand into a mountain in the Canavese area, in which all Damanhurian citizens have been involved, after he, as a youngster, had made a first attempt to build it on a family land in Balangero.