Joan Marshall Grant Kelsey

Year of birth : 1907
Place of birth : London
Parents : Blanche Emily Hughes, John Frederick Marshall
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Books by the Master

" Winged Pharaoh " ... " Life As Carola " ... " Eyes of Horus " ... " The Scarlet Fish " ... " Lord of the Horizon " ...

" Redskin Morning " ... " Scarlet Feather " ... " Return To Elysium " ... " Vague Vacation " ...

" The Laird and the Lady " ... " So Moses Was Born " ... " Time Out of Mind " ... " Far Memory " ...

" A Lot To Remember " ... " Many Lifetimes " ... " Speaking from the Heart "


Joan Marshall Grant Kelsey was an English author of historical novels and reincarnationist. Joan Marshall was born 12 April 1907, at London, England, daughter of John Frederick Marshall and Blanche Emily Hughes. Joan Grant's father was of dual US-British nationality – a real tennis player who won his place in the semi- finals of the World Championship for each country and, thus needing to play against himself. Joan Grant spent her early years on Hayling Island in Hampshire and as a young woman won the Hampshire Ladies Golf finals – having never before played golf!

Her first and most famous novel was Winged Pharaoh (1937). Grant shot to unexpected fame upon publication. The New York Times hailed it as "A book of fine idealism, deep compassion and a spiritual quality pure and bright as flame'" a sentiment echoed in countless reviews the world over. What her readers did not officially know for almost another twenty years, was that Joanclaimed to have recalled the events in Winged Pharaoh while in a hypnotic or trance-like state. It was followed by other historical fantasies, or as Grant called them, "Far Memory books," or "previous life autobiographies". "Winged Pharaoh" was claimed by some to in fact be a re-incarnationist autobiography. 

Grant strove to disabuse herself and her readers of preconceptions, to eschew what she called 'group-think'. She was not interested in blind faith and blind belief, but in what could be perceived as true by the five senses. She claimed to have an unusual gift of "far memory" – the ability to remember previous lives, and something she referred to as "sensory awareness". She said that she experienced many realities that are not available to most people. She had a reputation for talking and writing with clear certainty about her belief in other realities, past lives, and death. She said that for her, the veil between the "worlds" simply did not exist. With her third husband, Denys Kelsey, she wrote Many Lifetimes, in which she explained how she supposedly remembered her own and others' past lives. She also wrote several children's books which contain stories she claimed she was told in past lives.