Frederick Philip Lenz

Year of birth : 1950
Place of birth : California
Parents : Frederick Lenz Jr, Dorothy Lenz
Teacher/Guru : Master Fwap and the Oracle of Nepal
Education : Ph.D (English Literature)
Website : ,


“ A long time ago individuals looked at life and

saw that most people aren't happy.

They saw this was obviously an inefficient system.

So they combed the universe and

found immeasurable happiness inside of us, our spirits. 

“ We are alive for a certain period of time

in any given lifetime.

We are competing against time.

It is a race to see if we can wake up

before we go to sleep again.

That is the challenge.” 

“ Once you are enlightened, you can do

whatever you want without fear or sorrow.

You can go snowboarding, get married,

stay single, be rich and famous,

or live unknown in a high Himalayan cave.

It is up to you. ”

Books by the Master

" Surfing the Himalayas " ... " Snowboarding to Nirvana: A Novel " ... " The Enlightenment Cycle: Twelve Talks " ...

" Lifetimes: True Accounts of Reincarnation " ... " How to Meditate " ...

" Total Relaxation - The Complete Program to Overcome Stress, Tension, Worry and Fatigue " ...

" Insights - Tantric Buddhist Reflections on Life " ... " Tantric Buddhism: Twenty-Seven Talks " ...

" The Lakshmi Series: 28 Talks " ... " The wheel of dharma " ... " On the Road with Rama " ...

" Lifetimes - True Accounts of Reincarnation Lenz " ... " Meditation: The bridge is flowing but the river is not " ...

" Zen Tapes: Eighteen Talks " ... " The Last Incarnation " ... " Insights: Talks on the Nature of Existance " ...


Frederick Philip Lenz, III, Ph.D., also known as Rama and Atmananda (February 9, 1950 in San Diego, California – April 12, 1998), was a spiritual teacher who taught what he termed American Buddhism, including the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, Zen, Vedanta, and Mysticism. Lenz was also an author, software designer, businessman, and record producer.

Lenz's work, including his teaching and projects, focused on modern spiritual enlightenment through the application of Eastern religious principles. The main themes of his teaching included the practice of meditation, living and working in the world, and the enlightenment of women. Beginning in 1972, he became a follower of Hindu guru Sri Chinmoy, who gave him the name "Atmananda" meaning "one who Bliss is in the Self." In 1981, after moving back to San Diego, he broke with Chinmoy and founded his own teaching centre called Lakshmi.

Lenz is quoted as saying, "It's necessary for you to have a strong base.. the economic independence to live a life of beauty and meditative seclusion. The strength and freedom to live a life of oneness." and that, "A great deal of the teaching that I do is about money." He taught that having money was one way to help others. Throughout his 27 years as a teacher, he offered thousands of free public meditations where he introduced numerous people to meditation, some of whom became students.