Hsuan Hua

Year of birth : 1918
Place of birth : Jilin
Parents : Pai Fu-hai, Hu
Teacher/Guru : Hsu Yun
Education : Huiyang Chan School
Website : http://www.drbu.org/


“ If you have no obstacles in your own mind, then outer obstacles will not hinder you or cause you worry.” 

“ When silence reaches an ultimate point, the light penetrates everywhere.

Books by the Master

'' Buddha Root Farm: Pure Land Talks : Dharma Talks '' ... '' The Buddha Speaks of Amitabha Sutra: A General Explanation '' ... '' The Vajra Prajna Paramita Sutra: A General Explanation '' ... '' Sutra in Forty-Two Sections Spoken by the Buddha '' ... '' The Heart of Prajna Paramita Sutra: With "Verses Without a Stand" and Prose Commentary '' ... '' The Shurangama Sutra '' ... '' The Sixth Patriarch's Sutra: Great Master Hui Neng '' ... '' The Chan Handbook: Talks About Meditation '' ... '' A Pictorial Biography of the Venerable Master Hsü Yün (Biography of the Venerable Master Hsu Yun Book 1) '' ... '' Medicine Master Sutra '' ...  '' The Ten Dharma Realms Are Not Beyond a Single Thought '' ... '' How My Entire Life Was Changed (Master Hsuan Hua. Teaching and Transforming, Vol. 1) '' ... '' Dew Drops: Pearls of Wisdom by the Venerable Master Hua '' ... '' The Rakshasa Ghost and the Bhikshu (Buddha's Wisdom, Vol. 1) '' ... '' Dharma Talks in Europe: Given by the Venerable Master Hua in 1990 Kindle Edition '' ... '' Shastra on the Door to Understanding the Hundred Dharmas '' ... '' Listen to Yourself: Think Everything Over, Dharma Talks (Volume Two) '' ... '' Herein Lies the Treasure Trove: Vol. Two '' ... '' Spring Sun, Lotus Flower: Quotes from the Teachings of Venerable Master Hsuan Hua '' ... '' The Intention of Patriarch Bodhidharma's Coming from the West '' ... '' Insights: The Wisdom and Compassion of a Buddhist Master: Q & A for Every Day '' ... '' Shurangama Syllables Save the World: A Simple Explanation '' ... '' -An Exhortation to Resolve upon Bodhi: The Ultimate Committment of a Buddhist '' ... '' -A General Explanation of the Vajra Prajna Paramita (Diamond) Sutra '' ... '' Water Mirror Reflecting Heaven '' ... '' Why Should We Receive and Uphold the Five Precepts? '' ... '' The Wonderful Dharma Lotus Flower Sutra '' ... '' Timely teachings '' ... '' Flower Adornment Sutra '' ... '' Song of Enlightenment '' ... '' Spiritual Practice and Worldly Work '' ... '' Beginning Buddhism '' ... '' How Buddhism changed my life '' ... '' Chan: the Essence of All Buddhas '' ... '' Guanyin, Guanyin, Guanshiyin '' ... '' -News From True Cultivators ''


Hsuan Hua also known as An Tzu and Tu Lun, was a monk of Chan Buddhism and a contributing figure in bringing Chinese Buddhism to the United States in the 20th century.

Hsuan Hua, a native of Shuangcheng County of Jilin, was born on April 16, 1918. His parents were devout Buddhists. At an early age, Hua became a vegetarian like his mother, and decided to become a Buddhist monk.

At the age of 15, he took refuge in the Three Jewels under the Venerable Chang Zhi. That same year he began to attend school and studied texts of various Chinese schools of thought, and the fields of medicine, divination, astrology, and physiology. At 19 years of age, Hua became a monastic, under the Dharma name An Tzu. In 1959, Hsuan Hua sought to bring Chinese Buddhism to the west.

Hsuan Hua founded several institutions in the US. The Dharma Realm Buddhist Association (DRBA) is a Buddhist organization with chapters in North America, Australia and Asia. The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas in Ukiah, California is one of the first Chan Buddhist monasteries in America. The Dharma Realm Buddhist University is a Buddhist college, and the Buddhist Text Translation Society works on the phonetics and translation of Buddhist scriptures from Chinese into English, Vietnamese, Spanish, and many other languages.

Hsuan Hua traveled to Australia in 1961 and taught there for one year, returning to Hong Kong in 1962. That same year, at the invitation of American Buddhists, he travelled to the United States, his intent was to "come to America to create Patriarchs, to create Buddhas, to create Bodhisattvas". 

During his long career he emphasized the primacy of the monastic tradition, the essential role of moral education, the need for Buddhists to ground themselves in traditional Spiritual practice and authentic scripture, and the importance of respect and understanding among religions.

To attain these goals, he focused on clarifying the essential principles of the Buddha’s original teachings, on establishing  a properly ordained monastic community, on organising and supporting the translation of the Buddhist canon into English and other languages, and on the establishment of schools, religious training programs, and programs of academic research and teaching. On June 7, 1995, Hsuan Hua died in Los Angeles at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. His sudden passing came as a shock to most of his disciples.