Maharshi Amara

Year of birth : 1919
Place of birth : Belgaum, karnataka
Teacher/Guru : Saptarishis
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Books by the Master

" Communing with Light "... " The Light Age "


Amara was born as Ambarisha Varma Desai on 1st February 1919, in a royal family from Belgaum. He completed his formal education in Bangalore and Madras, married and settled in Bangalore and lived a relatively unknown life of a commoner throughout his life. Though well-known in spiritual circles as a spiritual guide and master, he kept a low profile so that he could focus on his work and mission.

He was a ‘child at heart’ but a very great spiritual master who guided thousands in meditations and spirituality. The Rishis have called him as the ‘humility personified Maharshi’. Though being a great rishi, he would always refer to himself as a worker of the Rishis. And like all Rishi-workers, he dedicated his entire life for the selfless service to mankind and to the accomplishment of the divine work that was allocated to him.

A Rishi-worker is usually initiated into the work at the age of 12. Amara had given an account of his first contact with the Great Rishis, which occurred when he was a small boy of 9. During an operation, when he was administered anesthesia, he could feel himself come out of his body and travel astrally across space to a distant earth, where he met the Sapta Rishis and Vishwamitra Maharshi and then returned to his body. For the next three years, Vishwamitra Maharshi visited him and trained him in all aspects of the spiritual sciences. At 12, he was initiated as a Rishi-worker, one among the 1,44,000 masters who assist the Saptarishis on this Earth. He carried out this role to perfection and worked for the Rishis at all levels throughout his life.

In his lifetime, he could touch the lives of many around him as a spiritual guide, a mentor, a role-model and an inspiration. He spoke without inhibitions about the numerous astral works that he carried out and about the greater realities that govern our life here. He explained in simple language the essence of all Vedas and Upanishads. Thousands were initiated into meditations at the informal gatherings that happened around him. He explained spirituality as a science and added newer dimensions to the existing Spiritual knowledge.

He could inspire many into leading a life of simplicity, humility and virtues. Many more were guided to attain liberation with the help of dedicated spiritual practices.This great soul left his physical body on 25th August, 1982, after laying a very strong foundation for the work of the Rishis at the physical level. At present, he stays and works on an earth in Andromeda galaxy. But the place doesn’t limit the scope of his work. He still guides all genuine seekers in the entire Material cosmos, at various levels.