Maharaj Charan Singh Ji

Year of birth : 1916
Place of birth : Punjab
Parents : Shri Harbans Singh
Teacher/Guru : Baba Sawan Singh Ji


“ Whatever the mind does, the soul has perforce to

suffer the consequences of it, because the soul

and the mind are knotted together. ”

“ Meditation is a way of life.

Attend to your meditation with love and devotion,

and see what peace and bliss lie within. 

“ The whole creation is within ourselves. 

Books by the Master

" St John . The Great Mystic " ... " The Master Answers by Maharaj Charan Singh " ... " Quest For Light " ... " Spiritual Discourses " ... " Legacy Of Love " ... " Light On Saint Matthew " ... " Treasure Beyond Measure, Maharaj Charan Singh " ... " Spiritual Heritage " ... " Thus saith the master " ... " Die to live " ... " Where master walks " ... " Light on saint john " ... " Tales of mystic east " ... " Light on sant mat " ... " The path " ... " Divine light "


Maharaj Charan Singh Ji, a Sant Satguru from India, was the eldest son of Harbans Singh Ji and grand son of "The Great Master" Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj. Before being declared 5th sant of RSSB, he was practicing law in Hisar and Sirsa. He became the fifth Satguru of Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB) in 1951 following the death of Sardar Bahadur Jagat Singh, and served until his death at the age of 73.

His Satguru was Baba Sawan Singh Ji. His successor and the present Satguru is Baba Gurinder Singh Ji, headquartered at Dera Baba Jaimal Singh, Beas, Punjab, India. He was born in Moga district of Punjab, He was a practicing Lawyer at Sirsa, Haryana. When his father died, he had to quit his profession and help in his family Farm business in Sirsa. 

He taught that, because of our attachment to the mind and body, we have lost sight of our true self. By using the ancient mystical practices of Sant Mat and Surat Shabd Yoga we could be aligned with our higher selves, He travelled to many parts of India as well as rest of the world and spread Sant Mat there.

He started the concept of the famous Seva known as 'Mitti ki Seva', which, was the levelling of the earth. It was started when the Beas river started changing its course towards the other side of Dera, as against earlier times when it flowed in front of the Foreign Guest House. When the ground for Langar became small to accomodate the growing size of the Sangat, he made another ground for Langar where now nearly about 50,000 people can have langar together. He also built the Dera colony and inspected every corner of Dera personally and got the houses, Sarais, etc made. He also was the one to make the Dera Boundary Wall, which, was not built earlier.

He did a lot of charity work by organizing various blood donation camps, Annual Eye Camps at Dera where every year thousands of people used to get treatment for cataract and got operated and after treatment for free. He also opened charitable Hospitals where common man was treated as a VIP, 'Baba Sawan Singh Charitable Hospital' Photography was his hobby, he loved his camera, he used to take photographs of nature, flowers, people and everything. He was also fond of travelling around the world. He used to love getting photographed with the Sangat and Sevadars. He also liked travelling with his family and close friends, his last trip was to Jaiselmer in 1990, He gave Open Darshan to the Sangat and used to sit for the entire day wherever the Seva took place.