Bhagwan Chandraprabhu

Parents : King Mahasena, Queen Lakshmana Devi


In Jainism, Chandraprabhu was the eighth Tirthankara of the present age or Avasarpini. According to Jain beliefs, he became a siddha, a liberated soul which has destroyed all of its karma. Chandraprabhu was born to King Mahasena and Queen Lakshmana Devi at Chandrapuri to the Ikshvaku dynasty. His birth-date was the twelfth day of the Posh Krishna month of the Indian calendar.

In his previous birth as king Padma of Mangalavati town of Dhatkikhand, the being that was to become Bhagavan Chandraprabh earned Tirthankar-nam-and-gotra-karma. Spending a lifetime as a god in Anuttar Vijay dimension he descended into the womb of queen Lakshmana, wife of king Mahasen of Chandranana town.

During her pregnancy, one day the queen was looking at the splendors and glowing full-moon. All of a sudden she had a strange desire to drink the glowing streak of moon light. The king cleverly managed to satisfy this strange desire of a pregnant mother. On the thirteenth day of the dark half of the month of Paush the queen gave birth to a healthy son who was fair and glowing like the moon. He was named Chandraprabh (glow of the moon). Chandraprabh was apathetic towards the mundane pleasures and princely grandeur. After he ascended the throne his reign was short lived. 

One day Chandraprabh was sitting in the balcony of his palace and was into deep meditation. He was thinking that he should get out of this cycle of birth and rebirth. He then heard someone saying that he should move ahead to achieve the main goal of his birth, of his life. The entire human community is waiting for the knowledge which he will give them. When he opened his eyes there was nobody but he understood that they were Lokantik Dev. He realized the real purpose of his life. Straight away he went to his mother’s room and asked her permission for accepting asceticism. After this day King Chandraprabhu gave charity every day for the entire one year. After an year, he went outside the town, discarded all his worldly possessions, removed hairs with fist and took diksha and disappeared into jungles. He became an ascetic in the prime of his youth and just after three months of acute spiritual practices he became an omniscient. For a considerably long period he continued to enlighten the people and propagate the true religion. When his end approached he went to Sammetshikhar and after a month of long fast and meditation attained Nirvana. For a considerably long period he continued to enlighten the people and propagate the true religion.