Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis(Daskalos)

Year of birth : 1912
Place of birth : Cyprus
Website : www.researchersoftruth.org


“ What I do know is that they are not favors from God.

You have to earn and win what you have. ”

“ The truth is a many side diamond, the Absolute Infinite Beingness,

God and the Truth are the Light.

Is each side of the diamond giving the same color?

No, but it gives the light.

What is concerning us is the Light, the Truth.

All these enlightened ones in past centures have

revealed the Truth in their own color, in their own time. ”

“ What is form-making (or visualization)?

Is that imagination? No. It is a creating thought.

You may ask, "Is it that we are creating an elemental? ”

Books by the Master

“ Words of Truth “ … “ Esoteric Teachings “ … “ Gates to the Light “ … “ Esoteric Practices “ … 

“ Joshua Emmanuel the Christ- His Life on Earth and his Teachings “ … “ Swimming with the Whale “ …  
“ The Symbol of Life “ … “ The Parables “


Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis was a Christian mystic and healer who had been teaching, trying to wake people out of their spiritual slumber. He set up the circle, "The Researchers of Truth." The series of books which have been published are based on practice and meditation of Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis (Daskalos). Daskalos is the Greekword for teacher. Throughout his life Daskalosenjoyed composing and performing music (violin and piano), writing poetry, painting, gardening and studying languages. He is the author of a number of books. 

Daskalos was born in 1912, with very strong spiritual awareness from birth. He said that he knew who and what he was right away, but needed to wait until his body developed so he could express what he knew. Knowing who he was gave him full recall of all his past lives, not as information that came back to him during his life, but rather as a natural aspect of the level of identity that he came in with. Subsequently he could also speak many languages as a young child since he could remember them from his past lives. These included Sanskrit, Aramaic, Ancient Greek, Hebrew, Egyptian, Italian, English, and about a dozen or more. A few more he learned during this life such as German and Turkish. He talked about in past lives in India having achieved nirvikalpa, but did not seem to be interested in doing that in this life, because although he included inversion in his path, he was very into being present in daily life with a strong focus on service. 

He also had very strong siddhis from birth. He was clairvoyant and telepathic, could leave his body from a very young age, and began healing people about the age of seven. He was educated by inner masters from birth, who helped him manage being so different from others. At this time he began working with the ascended master Yohannan (John the Beloved) as an initiator, and accepting students. He studied a lot of spiritual teachings when he was younger, especially Theosophy and Christianity, but did not join Theosophy because Steiner came to him when he was in his twenties on the inner planes and warned Daskalos that if he joined the Society they would likely deify him as they did with Krishnamurti, which he suggested he should avoid. So he continued to teach independently. 

He recalled lives as Tibetan Lamas, Hindu yogis, South American adepts, Christian Saints and Church fathers, including the famous Origen, who was anathematized for teaching reincarnation and the eventual salvation of all souls. He had vast knowledge of inner regions, planes, subplanes, chakras, prana, permanent personality, reincarnational processes, elementals, siddhis (could bi-locate, materialize objects, dissolve tumors, manifest and demanifest, and so on). He examined life on other planets, knew and worked with Archangelic kingdoms, knew many other masters physically and inwardly, etc.. His ordinary state of mind was very 'superconscious', as he would term it. 

He refused to be seen as a guru, preferring to be called a brother guide. By his death, though he tried to work mostly in secrecy, he had over ten thousand students. He did not accept money or even donations for teachings or healings.