Arthur Ford

Year of birth : 1896
Place of birth : Titusville, Florida
Education : Transylvania College

Books by the Master

 " Unknown But Known: My Adventure into the Meditative Dimension " ...

" Life Beyond Death " ... " Nothing So Strange " ... 


Arthur Ford was an American psychic, spiritual medium, clairaudient, and founder of the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship (1955). He gained national attention when he claimed to have contacted the dead son of Bishop Pike in 1967 on network TV. In 1928 Ford claimed to have contacted the deceased spirits of Houdini's mother and later in 1929 Harry Houdini, himself. He claimed to have broken a secret code that magician and escape artist Harry Houdini and his wife had devised to test the afterlife hypothesis. The code was the same one they had used when they'd performed together in a mentalist routine and was common among vaudeville performers.

Ordained as a Disciples minister, he served a church in Barbourbville, Kentucky. Ford realized his psychic abilities during World War I. While in the army, he would "hear'' the names of people he served with and those names would appear on the casualty lists several days later.

Around 1921, Ford became a trance medium and professed to be controlled by a spirit control he referred to as "Fletcher." He set up his own Spiritualist church in New York. He developed a popular following and in 1927 travelled to Great Britain. Ford impressed numerous people with his abilities, including prominent researchers William McDougall and William G. Roll, Jr. of the Psychical Research Foundation. He also traveled widely to demonstrate his mediumship and in Britain visited the Churches' Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies. In 1955 Ford was active in the formation of a similar organization in the United States, the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship.