Guruji Krishnananda

Year of birth : 1939
Place of birth : Bengaluru
Teacher/Guru : Maharshi Amara
Education : Bachelor's Degree in Science
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“ Meditation is the process of silencing the

Body, Mind and Intellect

so that we can enter deeper layers of Stillness or Samadhi.

Meditation is a process and Stillness is a state. ” 

“ You cannot escape from your karmas.

Face life.

This body is a vehicle, gifted by GOD.

Don't destroy it. ” 

" Spiritually handle your material life.

Be Spiritual in every detail and every moment of your life.

Be humble yet firm.

Be pragmatic yet passionate.

Be benevolent without being exploited.

Be balanced"

Books by the Master

" Doorways To Light " … " Quotes from the Rishis " ... " Channelled Knowledge from the Rishis Vol 1-4 " ... " Guruji Speaks Vol 1-7 " ... " Guruji Speaks Part 1 & 2 " ... " How to Meditate " … " Dhyana Yoga " … " Descent of Soul " … " Dhyanam Saivadhu Eppadi " ... " Master Pupil –Talks " ... " Practising Shambala Principles " … " Astral Ventures of a Modern Rishi " … " The Book of Reflections Vol 2 " … " The Book of Reflections Vol 1 " … " Living in Light " … " LIGHT " … " Adhunika Rishiyobbara Ateendriya Sahasagalu "  


Guruji Krishnananda (1939) met his Guru, Maharshi Amara (1919-1982), in 1977 and his life took a new turn. His Guru had established contact with the Sapta Rishis, the Hierarchy, and other Rishis when he was very young. He used to travel astrally to other earths and meet the Rishis and Devas there. He brought down rare Spiritual Knowledge and the whole Science of Meditation.

For five years, Guruji learnt Meditation, Astral travel and other techniques from his Guru and after his passing away, he founded Manasa Foundation to continue the work of his Guru, teaching Meditation and disseminating rare Spiritual Knowledge. He developed Dhyana Yoga.

In 2006, he established the Study Centre to study rare Spiritual realities with the help of Intuition. In 2009, he began the Light Channels World Movement helping people channeling Light daily for seven minutes to spread Love and Peace. Lakhs of school children have channeled Light and have benefited in their studies and lives.

Guruji lived in Taponagara, 20Kms away from Bangalore city, in India and conducted weekly Meditation classes. He has authored several Spiritual books. His “Doorways to Light” is considered a very important book for understanding the New Age. Guruji worked as a channel to the Sapta Rishis.