Eileen Jeanette Vancho Lyttle Garrette

Year of birth : 1893


“ If mind exists, the shock of separation from the

brain must of necessity at such planned

deductions, and one can only, within a new vessel

experience something akin to a

dreaming remembrance of things past...

How much is remembered in the

new state of consciousness …

does the dragon fly remember his form as the

chrysalis of yesterday? ” 

“ I conceive of yesterday, today, and tomorrow as

a single curve … time loses reality and the past and

present and future are present in one instant … ”

Books by the Master

“ Awareness "… " Life Is the Healer " … " Does man survive death?  " …" Many Voices: The Autobiography of a Medium " … " Introduction to Parapsychology " …" Telepathy: In Search of a Lost Faculty " … " Adventures in the Supernormal: A Personal Memoir " …" The sense and nonsense of prophecy " … " Man-the maker,: A pictorial record of man's inventiveness " …" Tomorrow World Digest of Psychical Research & Occult Studies. Kenneth Walker ' The Finer bodies of Man '  Rudolph "…" Today the sun rises " … " Primordial Purity " ... " My Life As A Search For The Meaning Of Mediumship "


Eileen Jeanette Vancho Lyttle Garrett was an Irish medium and parapsychologist. Her parents committed suicide and Garrett went to live with her aunt. Garrett admitted she had a very unpleasant childhood and due to the anger of her aunt would "separate into a world of her own" where she could dissociate from her surroundings. She claimed to have developed psychic ability in her youth. She later married and claimed to hear voices and show symptoms of a dissociative identity disorder. Both Garrett and her husband believed she was on the "brink of madness", however, Garrett came to accept her condition and took up trance mediumship. 

In 1931 she was invited to the United States by the American Society for Psychical Research and performed experiments for various psychical researchers in both America and Europe until the 1950s. Garrett took part in "clairvoyance" tests. 

Garrett was not a proponent of the spiritualist hypothesis and attributed her mediumship not to spirits but to the activity of a "magnetic field". Garrett wrote "In all my years' professional mediumship I have had no "sign", "test" or slightest evidence to make me believe I have contacted another world." She considered that her trance controls were personalities from her subconscious. Garrett regarded her trance controls as "principles of the subconscious" formed by her own inner needs. She founded the Parapsychology Foundation in New York City in 1951.