Mogok Sayadaw U Vimala

Year of birth : 1899
Parents : Daw Shwe Ake, U Aung Tun


Mogok Sayadaw U Vimala was a renowned Theravada Buddhist monk and vipassana meditation master. He began his education at 4, and enrolled as a samanera (novice monk) at age 9 under Sayadaw (Chief Abbot) U Jagara. He later left for the Mingala Makuna Monastery at Amarapura to continue his religious studies. In 1921, he was ordained as a bhikkhu (monk) in the tradition of Burmese Theravāda Buddhism with the dhamma name of Vimala

As his monkhood was sponsored by the residents of Mogok, a town well known for rubies and gems, Ven. Vimala became known as Mogok Sayadaw. In 1924, Ven. Vimala became the Chief Abbot of Pikara Monastery. He began to give sermons focusing on the Abhidhamma (the Ultimate Reality), and to teaching vipassana (insight) meditation.

The Mogok technique, developed and taught by Mogok Sayawdaw, elaborates on Buddha's teachings and emphasizes on the awareness of 'Arising' (phyit in Myanmar) and 'Passing away' (pyet in Myanmar) of everything, i.e., (Impermanence or anicca) in body and mind. Mogok Sayadaw emphasized that a meditator should learn the Cycle of Life Saṃsāra (endless rounds of rebirth) or the Dependent Origination Paticcasamuppada and the importance of practicing Insight Meditation Vipassana. This method is basically what the Buddha himself used to become fully enlightened and preached afterwards. Mogok Sayadaw is just reminding and stressing the importance of acquiring the theoretical aspects first by listening to the relevant Dhamma Talks (Budhha's Teachings) especially about the Cycle of Life before starting the actual Meditation Practice for better results. Millions of meditators Yogis world wide pursue Mogok Sayadaw's Insight Meditation technique especially in Myanmar where it is most popular in most villages and towns.