Govindananda Bharti

Year of birth : 1826
Teacher/Guru : Oruvannoor Pazhoor Achyuthan


“ Till God is known, nothing in known ”


Govindananda Bharati also known as Shivapuri Baba is a Hindu saint and a traveller hermit who taught the world swadharma, the ancient system of living. He is the first Keralite to encircle the world and earned the name Malayali Magellan. Shivapuri Baba was born in 1826 AD in Kerala, South India. Born as Jayanthan Nambudiripad in Akkikkavu of Thrissur District. His grandfather Achyutam, who was a well known astrologer in the court of Tipu Sultan, looked after him. Govindananda left his home when he was 24 with his grandfather and attained Iswarasakshatkaram in Amarantaka forest of Madhya Pradesh. After getting enlightenment, he became sanyasi in Sringeri Math and changed his name to Govindananda Bharathi. After nearly 25 years of severe penance, he got God Realization, the final destination which, Shivapuri Baba said, every human being must reach.

He set out to travel, as wished by his Grandfather, for the great journey: The round of the world, (80% on foot), and fortified his knowledge about this world. This enable him to synthesize wordly knowledge with Spiritual achievement. He becomes omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent,  Eternally Blissfull and Immortal. Shivapuri Baba implores every man to achieve this, recommending the practice of the three Disciplines, simultaneously, not dissociated. In the beginning, the first two will be predominant. At the end, the third becomes Predominant.