Siddharameshwar Maharaj

Year of birth : 1888
Teacher/Guru : Shri Sadguru Bhausaheb Maharaj
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“ The five elements (Earth, Water, Light or Fire, Air or Wind and Space or Sky) have the right of ownership to this body. After the body falls, each of these elements takes away their share, thereby destroying the body. The body is a bundle of these five elements.” 

Books by the Master

'' Amrut Laya: The Stateless State '' .. '' Master Key to Self-Realization '' ... '' Master of Self-Realization ''.


Shri Sadguru Siddharameshwar Maharaj is one of the greatest unknown saints of the age who attained the highest abode of Eternal peace. He was born in August 1888 in the small village of Pathri, in the district Sholapur of India.

At the age of 16, even though he was premature to work, he took a job as an accountant in a Marwadi firm at Bijapur. He did his work with earnestness and settled down in Bijapur.

Here he met his master, Bhausaheb Maharaj, who had built a monastery [Math] in 1885 in the small village of Inchgiri in Karnataka. Bhausaheb Maharaj, understanding the mental capacity and lifestyle of the people then, started teaching meditation to his disciples at his monastery. The main aim or goal of teaching meditation was to attain Final Reality, or Self-realisation. This method is known as Pipilika Marg, or the ant's way.

After the passing away of Bhausaheb Maharaj in 1914, Siddharameshwar Maharaj focused his attention on the teachings of his master. In 1918, he renounced the world and joined his four brother disciples to popularise his master's teachings. In 1920, when he was on the tour of popularising his master's teachings, he got the idea that one should go beyond meditation because meditation is only an initial stage to Self-realisation

He attained the ultimate Reality even at the cost of his life", and began meditated on a hill in the village. He continued for nine months without any break, and his efforts were finally rewarded. He then explained that one can achieve Self-realisation via the Vihangam Marg, the bird's way. Ignorance has come by hearing and thinking, and so by contemplating and practising the teachings of the master one could attain the Truth. Ignorance is nothing but thoughts, and if all thoughts get absorbed in Reality, one can easily attain freedom.

In 1925, he began teaching the Vihangam Marg, step by step. First he taught his disciples the knowledge of Reality, and then asked them to renounce everything, even the act of renunciation. He taught them that single-pointed devotion by oneness and non-differentiation inevitably lead to Reality.

From 1925 until 1936, he taught many disciples and helped dozens attain Self-realisation. His teachings were further spread around the globe by his most revered disciples, such as Ranjit Maharaj, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Muppin Kaadsiddheshwar Maharaj and Ganapatrao Maharaj Kannur. His samadhi shrine today is located at Banganga, Walkeshwar in Bombay.