Shri Ram Chandra Maharaj Of Fatehgarh

Year of birth : 1873
Parents : Sri Harbux Rai
Education : Educated in Urdu, Persian and Arabic. He also passed English middle examination.
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“ If you sit by a fire, you feel warm;

if you sit by ice, you feel cold.

Why then will you not get transformed if you

sit with a person who is perfect in discipline and etiquette? 

“ Man is man so long as he is struggling to rise above nature,

and the nature is both internal and external.

It is good and very grand to conquer external nature,

but grander still it is to conquer internal nature.

It is good and grand to know the laws that govern stars and planets,

but it is infinitely grander and better to know

the laws that govern the passions, the feelings and the will of mankind. 

Books by the Master

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SHRI RAM CHANDRA OF FATEHGARH, affectionately known as Lalaji, was the adi-guru (first spiritual master) of Shri RamChandra Mission. He rediscovered the ancient art of transmission, whereby the master transmits divine energy into the heart of the aspirant in order to expedite his or her spiritual development. The art had been practiced in India thousands of years before, and through his rediscovery, Lalaji brought the highest spiritual approach within the reach of all who wished to receive it.

Lalaji belonged to a distinguished family of jagirdars (landowners), originally from the district of Mainpuri in India. His father was a tax superintendent and his mother a devout woman who passed away when Lalaji was only seven years old, leaving upon him the imprint of her strong faith. The effect of his mother’s spiritual life was such that he developed a thirst for God at a young age. As a child he also displayed a deep love and aptitude for music and was known all his life for having a beautiful voice. He was educated by a private tutor and learned Hindi from his mother, receiving his later education at the Mission School at Farrukhabad. After his mother’s death, he was brought up by another lady with whom he shared a lifelong affection and regard.

Before his father died, the family property was stolen by an unscrupulous king. Lalaji started life afresh in a humble position, but he was soon recognized as a spiritual saint of the highest calibre. Shortly after Lalaji’s marriage, his father died. Within a brief span of time he also lost his elder adopted brother and all that remained of his ancestral property. Accepting these misfortunes with grace and courage, he went to work for one of his father’s associates in Fatehgarh.

Lalaji credited his wife with inspiring him and keeping him alert on the path of truth. He considered her to be the personification of love and faith. It was said of Lalaji that he could bring about spiritual awakening in a person with a single movement of his eyelids, but display of any kind was repugnant to him and ego was likewise never allowed to grow. Rather, he advocated that aspirants should stay away from powers until they reached their goal and discipline was perfected. For removing various complexities of the heart, he asked his followers to make friends of their enemies and the persons whom they dreaded. He regarded morality as essential to self-realization and love as the greatest tapas(spiritual practice). He taught that afflictions are divine blessings holding many secrets, and that real craving for God will be found in only one person out of thousands.