Teacher/Guru : Paramananda Thakkar and an unknown Tibetan Lama


" Love and compassion is the only path. Love is the only form of worship. " 


Tibbetibaba also known as Mahasadhak Tibbetibaba or Paramhamsa Tibbetibaba, was a famous Bengali philosopher saint. He was one of the few saints in India whose life was an amalgamation of the Advaita Vedanta doctrine of Hinduism and Mahayana Buddhist doctrine. Tibbetibaba was a master of all the eight siddhis and supposedly had remarkable healing powers. Even though he was master of all the siddhis, he was not personally interested in using them.

He stressed the fact that one gains the knowledge of atman (soul) by great efforts. Atman is self-illuminating and of the nature of true knowledge. Attaining Nirvana is equivalent to knowing the Atman. By knowing the Atman all animate as well as inanimate things can be known. Without knowing the Atman the perception of differences cannot vanish fully and consequently one finds it difficult to fully show compassion and love towards all living-beings.

From his childhood he had keen interest in nature and used to think about the Maker of this World. But his ideas about the Maker did not tally with his late father's or mother's concept of God. His idea was that God must be very different from what common men and women think Him or Her to be.

In Nepal, he met an unknown Hindu monk who was living in a hut near a river. He began living with the monk. One winter night he expressed to him his desire of acquiring the knowledge of God. The monk asked him to immediately take a dip in the river. After taking a dip in the river he approached the monk and was made a disciple. From then he made an all-out effort to acquire the knowledge of God.

The philosophy of Tibbetibaba has been well explained in the following books: "Bharater Sadhak O Sadhika", , "Tibbatibabar Parichay'”, and "Paramhamsa Tibbati Babar Smriti Katha". Another aspect of Tibbetibaba's philosophy was public service. He engaged in public service by giving good suggestions to all and by practising his healing powers.