Mata Anandamayi

Year of birth : 1896
Parents : Bipin Behari Bhattacarya, Moksada Sundari Devi
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“ Precious gems are profoundly buried in the earth and can only be extracted at the expense of great labour. ”

“ How many lives are frittered away, age after age, in endless coming and going. Find out who you are.” 

“ Open the door and step out, the path will be made visible.”  

Books by the Master

'' The Essential Sri Anandamayi Ma: Life and Teaching of a 20th Century Indian Saint '' ... '' Words Of Sri Anandamayi Ma '' ... '' Matri Vani V I & II '' .


Sri Anandamayi Ma was born in Kheora, East Bengal (now Bangladesh). Preceded by many miraculous signs and visions, she exhibited perfect awareness and consciousness from birth. She was given the name Nirmala Sundari Devi, meaning “Goddess of flawless beauty”. At each stage of Her life, she spontaneously manifested an example of perfection in fulfilling the different stages of human existence. As a child, she was the embodiment of sweetness and beauty. The traits of absolute obedience, complete guilelessness and perfect purity manifested in all Her behaviour, together with a marked mystical quality of occasional self-absorption in inner yogic states and visions.

At the age of thirteen, in keeping with the rural custom at the time, she was married to Ramani Mohan Chakrabarti of Vikramapura, whom she would later rename Bholanath. He became her disciple. Sri Anandamayi Ma was one of the most influential spiritual luminaries of the Twentieth Century. Her devotees ranged from Prime Ministers and great Saints down to the simplest villagers. People came from all over the world to simply see Her and sit in Her presence. Though virtually uneducated, she spoke with the authority of direct experience and captivated all with Her sweetness and power.

Anandamayi Ma was an embodiment of Divinity and spiritual power in our own times, and Her message and guidance is eternally relevant and uplifting. She often stressed that Her appearance and birth was not the result of karma or compulsion, but that She was the visible manifestation of the pure aspiration of the spiritual longing of mankind. During Her eighty-six years on this earth, in Her own unassuming and spontaneous way, she exerted a profound influence on an entire generation.

Ma left Her mortal body in the year 1982 in Her ashram in Dehradun UA.

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