Swami Rama Tirtha

Year of birth : 1873
Teacher/Guru : Bhakta Dhana Rama
Education : The Government College of Lahore ( Master's Degree in Mathematics)
Website : www.ramatirtha.org


“ Truth is Your Birth Right.

Assert it and Be Master of Universe.

Truth is “Tattva-Masi” - “That Thou Art”. ”

“ Bury yourself in the Reality, in Divinity, in God,

in the true Atman.

Keep yourself buried in the Spirit, in the Truth.

Do that and the spoiling magnetism and wrong

hypnotism that you have got from these worldly

objects will leave you, your mind will be running

in order again. You will be again inspired. ”

“ If you are not inspired today, the sole reason is

that you do not keep yourself isolated, or

insulated enough. You allow worldly objects to

magnetize, to hypnotize you, you allow them to

play foul and fast with you. If you want to regain

your original powers and inspiration, keep yourself

insulated, isolated for a while. ”

Books by the Master

“ Heart of Rama; or, a collection of the instructive teachings " ... " Practical Vedanta Selected Works " ...

" Sanksepasarirakam " ... " In Woods of God-Realization: or, The Complete Works " ...

" Yoga and the supreme bliss : songs of enlightenment " 


Swami Rama Tirtha also known as Swami Ram, was an Indian teacher of the Hindu philosophy of Vedanta. He was among the first notable teachers of Hinduism to lecture in the United States, travelling there in 1902, preceded by Swami Vivekananda in 1893 and followed by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1920.During his American tours Swami Rama Tirtha spoke frequently on the concept of 'practical Vedanta' and education of Indian youth. He proposed bringing young Indians to American universities and helped establish scholarships for Indian students. 

A chance meeting with Swami Vivekananda in 1897 in Lahore, inspired his later decision to take up the life of a sannyasi. Having became well known for his speeches on Krishna and Advaita Vedanta he became a swami in 1899 on the day of Deepawali, leaving his wife, his children and his professorial chair.

A trip to Japan to teach Hinduism was sponsored by Maharaja Kirtishah Bahadur of Tehri: from there he travelled to the United States of America in 1902, where he spent two years lecturing on Hinduism, other religions and his philosophy of "practical vedanta". He frequently spoke about the iniquities of the caste system in India and the importance of education of women and of the poor, stating that neglecting the education of women and children and the labouring classes is like cutting down the branches that are supporting us - nay, it is like striking a death-blow to the roots of the tree of nationality. Arguing that India needed educated young people, not missionaries, he began an organization to aid Indian students in American universities and helped to establish a number of scholarships for Indian students. 

A significant prediction made by Swami Rama Tirtha for future India is quoted in Shiv R. Jhawar's book, Building a Noble World. Rama Tirtha predicted: “After Japan, China will rise and gain prosperity and strength. After China, the sun of prosperity and learning will again smile at India.” 

Paramahansa Yogananda translated many of Rama Tirtha's poems from Bengali into English and put some of them to music: one, entitled "Marching Light", appeared in Yogananda's book Cosmic Chants, as "Swami Rama Tirtha's Song". The Swami Rama Tirtha Mission Ashram is located at Kotal Gaon Rajpura, near Dehra Dun in Uttarakhand, India.