Elisabeth Haich

Year of birth : 1897
Education : Pianist, Painter, Sculptress
Website : www.aurorapress.com

Books by the Master

" Sexual energy and yoga " … " Initiation " … " Self Healing, Yoga & Destiny " … " The Wisdom of the Tarot " …

" The Day wth Yogza: Inspirational Words to Guide Daily Life " … " Yoga and destiny " … " Yoga and Health " ...

 " Raja Yoga " ... " Yoga und Sex " ... " Sport and Yoga "


Elisabeth Haich was a spiritual teacher and author of several books on spirituality. She was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. After the end of the World War II, she fled to Switzerland and founded with Selvarajan Yesudian the oldest yoga school in Europe.

In her best known book, Initiation, Haich describes early experiences of her life in Hungary, as well as details of her past life during which she was initiated by her uncle, Ptahhotep, in ancient Egypt. It also describes a little of a recent previous life in which she was a washing-woman, was abandoned by her lover, lost contact with her daughter, and ended up a beggar on the streets.

Haich book The Wisdom of the Tarot is based on the Oswald Wirth deck's images (but some colors are different, for some details), and it is about the archetypes of human development, each Tarot card identifying one archetype and its meaning. Her book Sexual Energy & Yoga identifies how sexual energy, when contained, builds among one's chakras, boiling the ignorance resident among them, eventually awakening them, and making possible enlightenment.

Elisabeth Haich claims to have attained "ego-death". It was described by her followers (mentioned in the introductions to her book) as visible in her gaze: "her gaze wasn't the gaze of a person, it was the gaze of infinity, and it wasn't blind to one's unconsciousness or ignoring: a gaze that cut right through one's unconsciousness, a gaze very difficult to bear."